Two actinomycete strains, DF-28 and DF-32, were isolated from soil samples collected in a deciduous dipterocarp forest in Thailand. They produced longitudinally paired spores on the tips of short sporophores alternately branched from aerial hyphae, and the chemotaxonomic properties of the isolates were the same as those of members of the family These phenotypic properties, together with the results of a phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences, indicated that these isolates should be assigned to the genus The two isolates showed more than 93% DNA relatedness to each other, but their relatedness to any previously described species of the genus was only 45% or less. They were distinguishable from previously described spp. by a combination of physiological and biochemical properties. Therefore, a new species is proposed for these strains, under the name sp. nov. The type strain is strain DF-32 (= JCM 10267).


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