The detailed phylogenetic relationships for genus and related taxa were analysed by using DNA gyrase B subunit gene () sequences. Anaerobic bacteria in the phylum, namely genera and and , were clustered in the same branch and the facultative anaerobes and formeed a subcluster in the branch of the anaerobic bacteria. Phylogenetic analysis using 16S rDNA sequences gave a similar result but with a lower bootstrap value for each cluster. The of and were the same, and the of their chromosomal DNA, as determined by DNA-DNA hybridization, was greater than 70%. These genetic aspects led to the conclusion that IFO 15948 and IFO 14957 belong to a single species. Since was described first, as is a senior subjective synonym of . Therefore, the name should be retained and strain IFO 14957 should be reclassified as . However, the agar-degrading ability of strain IFO 14957 is a prominent biochemical characteristic. It is therefore proposed that strain IFO 14957 should be renamed biovar agarovorans.


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