16S rRNA gene sequences of three previously described amino-acid-fermenting anaerobes, ’ and , were determined. All three were found to cluster within the and related genera of the subphylum of the Gram-positive bacteria. The thermophile, , formed an individual line of descent and was equidistantly placed between and (similarity of 85%), both of which also form single lines of descent. ‘’ was related to , a member of cluster IX, with a similarity of 90%, whereas was closely related to (similarity of 96%) as a member of cluster XI. Based on the phylogenetic data presented in this report and the phenotypic descriptions of these bacteria published previously, it is recommended that be transferred to a new genus, gen. nov., as comb. nov. and ‘’ be transferred to a new genus, gen. nov., as comb. nov. Though the transfer of to a new taxon is justified, this is not recommended until the taxonomic status of all the members of cluster XI has been reviewed.


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