In order to determine whether morphological criteria are suitable to affiliate myxobacterial strains to species, a phylogenetic analysis of 16S rDNAs was performed on 54 myxobacterial strains that represented morphologically 21 species of the genera and , five invalid species and three unclassified isolates. The analysis included 12 previously published sequences. The branching pattern confirmed the deep trifurcation of the order One lineage is defined by the genera and The study confirms the genus status of , previously , within the family The second lineage contains the genus and the species , while the third lineage is comprised of and a strain identified as With the exception of a small number of strains that did not cluster phylogenetically with members of the genus to which they were assigned by morphological criteria ( PI t3, ATCC 25531, ATCC 25947 and An d1), the phenotypic classification should provide a sound basis for the description of neotype species in those cases where original strain material is not available or is listed as reference material.


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