A bacterial strain, D-1/1a, isolated from a medieval wall painting of the chape of Herberstein (Styria, Austria) was characterized by a polyphasic approach. Strain D-1/1a shared 98·1% 16S rRNA sequence similarity to . The chemotaxonomic characteristics including polar lipid pattern, whole cell sugars, quinone system, polyamine pattern, cell wall composition and fatty acid profile were in good agreement with those of . The G+C content of the DNA was determined to be 74 mol%. The value of 47% DNA reassociation obtained after DNA-DNA hybridization between DNA of and strain D-1/1a as well as differences in the amino acid composition of the peptidoglycan and in physiological characteristics demonstrate that the isolate represents a new species of the genus . The name sp. nov. is proposed for the new species harbouring isolate D-1/1a. The type strain is DSM 12453.


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