The DNA relatedness of 17 strains isolated from beef cattle in Zimbabwe was determined using the hydroxyapatite method. Similarly to previously speciated African strains, all Zimbabwe isolates belonged to either or All serovars within serogroups Pyrogenes (kwale, mombe and a strain closely related to serovar nigeria), Hebdomadis (marondera and mhou), Tarassovi (ngavi) and Sejroe (balcanica and hardjo) were contained all stra in serovars of serogroups Icterohaemorrhagiae (zimbabwe), Australis (fugis) Bataviae (paidjan) and Pomona (a strain closely related to mozdok). The species designations of the Zimbabwe fugis and paidjan strains were differe from those of the reference strains of these two serovars, both of which belong to


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