The taxonomic position of eight fluorescent isolates, from two Lebanese spring waters, which were previously recognized by numerical analysis as members of a new subcluster (subcluster Vb) was examined. Excep for one strain, the new subcluster exhibited internal DNA hybridization values of 76-100%, and 9–53% hybridization was measured with the type or reference strains of other . The highest DNA binding value was found with (37–53%). The G+C content of the DNA of the type strain was 58 mol%. A comparison of 1322 nt of the 16S rRNA gene sequence of the strain representing subcluster Vb (CFML 96–1951) with the sequence of other strains of the genus revealed that strain CFML 96–195 was part of the ‘ intrageneric cluster’. On the basis of the results of phenotypic, DNA-DNA and phylogenetic analyses, a new sp. nov., is proposed for the seven strains of subcluster Vb. The type strain is CFML 96–195 and has been deposited in the Collection de I'lnstitut Pasteur (Paris, France) as CIP 105460. The strains are phenotypically and genotypically homogeneous and can be differentiated from most other fluorescent species by several phenotypic features. Differentiation of and is based mainly on pyocyanin production; can be differentiated from (all biovars) by α-aminobutyrate assimilation. The clinical significance of is unknown.


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