The genus Jiang et al. is characterized by the formation of longitudinally paired spores on both the vegetative and the aerial mycelium, absence of mycolic acid, cell wall chemotype IV (containing acid as the diamino acid, galactose and arabinose), PVI and MK-9(H2). Comparative studies of morphology, chemical classification and phylogenetic analysis based on the 16S rRNA sequences among the four type strains of the genus and type strains of related genera were carried out. The results indicated that the genus is different from these other genera and should be placed in the family Embley et al. 1988 with the genera and . On the bases of these results, three new species under the names of sp. nov., sp. nov. and sp. nov. are proposed; the type strains are CCTCC AA97001, CCTCC AA97002and CCTCC AA97020.


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