The taxonomic positions of ‘’ strain TH-1 and ‘’ strain TH-4 were studied by 16S rDNA sequencing. These organisms are Gram-negative, strictly aerobic, thermophilic facultatively chemolithoautotrophic hydrogen-oxidizing rods and have a DNA G+C content of 63--65 mol%. The major isoprenoid quinone is ubiquinone-8 an 3-hydroxy decanoic acid (3-OH C) is the major 3-hydroxy cellular fatty acid, phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rDNA sequences placed strains TH-1and TH-4 in the β-subclass of the The taxonomic characteristics of these organisms are different from those of previously described aerobic, facultatively chemolithoautotrophic, hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria that belong to the β-subclass of On the basis of the information described above, a new genus and species, gen. nov., sp. nov., is described to include both strains. The type strain is strain TH-1(= IFO 14978).


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