The structural gene encoding the 16S rRNA of the new obligate intracellular organism presently designated WSU 86-1044was sequenced and analysed to establish its phylogenetic relationships. The 16S rDNA sequence was most closely related to those of chlamydial species, having 84.7--85.3% sequence similarity, while it had 72.4-73.2% similarity with rickettsia-like organisms. When the sequences of the four species of chlamydiae and and ) were compared, they had > 93% sequence similarity indicating tha WSU 86--1044was not close enough to be in the same family as current members. However, based on the 84.7--85.3% 16S rDNA sequence similarity of WSU 86--1044and other previously described , WSU 86--1044belongs to a novel family within the order ; hence, the proposal of fam. nov., gen. nov., sp. nov.


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