The present paper presents the conclusions of a polyphasic investigation of the taxonomy of the trehalose-negative [] complex. Clusters previously identified by ribotyping and multilocus enzyme electrophoresis (MEE) have been evaluated by 16S rRNA sequencing and DNA-DNA hybridizations. Results obtained by the different techniques were highly related and indicated that the [] complex contains distinct genetic and phenotypic groups. At least seven species were outlined, five of which were named. We refrained in formal naming of more groups until additional strains are characterized. Five 16S rRNA clusters were identified corresponding to distinct lineages previously outlined by MEE. Within 16S rRNA cluster I two distinct genotypic groups have been outlined in addition to [] (biogroup 1). Each of the clusters II, III, IV and V represent at least one new species. The investigations underline that [] only contains strains that do ferment L-arabinose even though they are referred to as ‘biotype A’ of [] The five 16S rRNA clusters identified had a common root relative to the other species within the family , and the overall sequence similarity among these five clusters was higher than what is observed within the existing genera of the family. The allocation of the trehalose-negative [] complex to a new genus seems to be indicated. Based on the polyphasic investigation performed a new genus is proposed for the trehalose-negative [] complex. At the present stage two previously named species are transferred to this new genus and three new species are described. [] is reclassified as comb. nov., whereas , Bisgaard taxon 20 and [] biovar 3J are reclassified and combined in the species comb. nov. sp. nov.


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