Three new yeast species were discovered during studies of yeasts associated with ephemeral flowers in Brazil, Australia and Hawaii. Their physiological and morphological similarity to suggested a possible relationship to that species, which was confirmed by rDNA sequencing. and were found in cactus flowers and associated nitidulid beetles in sand dune ecosystems () of Southeastern Brazil. Over 350 strains of were isolated from and morning glory flowers ( spp.) in Australia, and from associated nitidulid beetles and . A single isolate came from a beach morning glory in Hawaii. Expansion of the genus to three species modified the existing definition of the genus only slightly. The type and isotype strains are as follows: strains UFMG96-272(h; CBS 8491) and UFMG96-394(h; CBS 8492); UFMG96-276(CBS 8493); strains UWO(PS)95-602.1(h; CBS 8494), UWO(PS)91-893.2(h; CBS 8495) and UWO(PS)95-725.1(h; CBS 8496).


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