Sequencing of 16S rRNA genes and phylogenetic analysis of DSM 2702(OCM 43) (T = type strain) and GKZPZ(= DSM 4140) as well as other members of the family revealed that both species belong to a separate line of descent within this family. In addition, a new strain of , strain BM1 (= DSM 10196), was isolated from a butyrate-degrading, fluidized bed reactor and characterized. Cells of both species are mesophilic, highly irregular cocci that use H/CO and formate for growth and methanogenesis. In addition, strains GKZPZTand BM1 used 2-propanol/CO, 2-butanol/CO and cyclopentanol/CO. Both species contained diether and tetraether lipids. The polar lipids comprised amino-phosphopentanetetrol derivatives, which appear to be characteristic lipids within the family , The pattern of glycolipids, phosphoglycolipids and amino-phosphoglycolipids was consistent with the assignment of these two species to a taxon within the family , but also permitted them to be distinguished from other higher taxa within this family. The G+C contents of the DNA of and were 54 and 60 mol% (T and HPLC), respectively. On the basis of the data presented, the transfer of and to the genus gen. nov. as comb. nov. and comb. nov., respectively, is proposed, with as the type species.


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