Strain 130Zwas isolated from the bovine rumen. It is a facultatively anaerobic, pleomorphic, Gram-negative rod. It exhibits a ‘Morse code’ form of morphology, which is characteristic of the genus . Strain 130Zis a capnophilic, osmotolerant succinogen that utilizes a broad range of sugars. It accumulates high concentrations of succinic acid (> 70gl). Strain 130Zis positive for catalase, oxidase, alkaline phosphatase and β-galactosidase, but does not produce indole or urease. Acid but no gas is produced from -glucose and -fructose. 16S rRNA sequence analysis places strain 130Zwithin the family ; the most closely related members of the family have 16S rRNA similarities of 95.5% or less with strain 130Z. Strain 130Zwas compared with and the related Bisgaard Taxa 6 and 10. Based upon morphological and biochemical properties, strain 130Zis most similar to members of the genus within the family . It is proposed that strain 130Zbe classified as a new species, . The type strain of sp. nov. is ATCC 55618.


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