Lindane-degrading activity under aerobic conditions has been observed in two bacterial strains: UT26, phenotypically identified as , and a new single unidentified isolate named RP55577. The (16S rDNA) sequences for both strains and the phenotypic characteristics for the unidentified isolate RP5557were determined. RP5557does not have high identity (less than 90% in all cases) with any sequence in the GenBank or RDP databases. A phylogenetic analysis based on sequences indicated that RP5557belongs to the Γ- in a coherent phylum that includes the genera and (100% bootstrap), whereas UT26 is clearly separate from the cluster. Based on the phylogenetic analyses and on the phenotypic characteristics, a new genus, , containing a single species, , is proposed for strain RP5557(= LMG 18385), which becomes the type strain.


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