A combination of genotypic and phenotypic properties (a polyphasic taxonomic approach) was used to determine the relatedness between the type strains of Bauman 1982 and Gauthier 1992, which were originally found to be highly related by partial 16S rDNA sequence analysis. Analysis of genotypic properties, such as comparison of the almost complete 16S rDNA sequences, base composition of the total genomic DNA and DNA-DNA hybridization revealed that the two strains were highly similar and should be considered members of the same species. The phenotypic properties, such as the physiology and chemotaxonomic data (i.e. fatty acid composition, polar lipid patterns and respiratory lipoquinone content), confirmed the genotypic evaluation, and has lead to the proposal for a unification of the two species, (DSM 50418) and (DSM 8798) as


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