A phylogenetic analysis of 69 halobacterial 16S rRNA gene sequences has been carried out, integrating data from new isolates, previously described halobacteria and cloned sequences from uncultivated halobacteria. NCIMB 777, NCIMB 784 and NCIMB 786, together with several other strains (strains T5.7, L11 and NCIMB 767) constitute a distinct lineage with at least 98·2% sequence similarity. These strains have been incorrectly assigned to the genus . Therefore, based on a variety of taxonomic criteria, it is proposed that NCIMB 786 is renamed as nom. nov., the type species of the new genus gen. nov., and that NCIMB 777 and NCIMB 784 are renamed as a single species, nom. nov. It was notable that halobacteria closely related to the proposed new genus have been isolated from relatively low-salt environments.


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