The taxonomic position of subsp. , the causative agent of fish pasteurellosis, is controversial as this organism has also been described as . To clarify the taxonomic position of the pathogen, a total of 113 subsp. strains and 20 subsp. strains, isolated from different geographical areas and from the main affected fish species, were analysed using 129 morphological and biochemical tests, including the commercial API 20E and API CH50 test systems. For comparison, the type strains of other species (i.e. and ) were included in the analyses. The results were statistically analysed by unweighted pair group average clustering and the distance between the different clusters was expressed as the percentage disagreement. The analyses showed that, based on morphological and biochemical identification tests, subsp. is related to other species. However, it is clearly distinguishable from subsp. and no phenotypic evidence was found to include subsp. as a subspecies in the species .


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