A new bacterial species belonging to the genus is described on the basis of phenotypic characterization and sequence analysis of its 16S rRNA-encoding and gyrase B (gyrB) genes. This organism, isolated from shallowwater marine sediments derived from the Amazon River delta, is a Gramnegative, motile, polarly flagellated, facultatively anaerobic rod-shaped eubacterium and has a G+C content of 51.7 mol%. Strain SB2Bis exceptionally active in the anaerobic reduction of iron, manganese and sulfur compounds. SB2Bgrows optimally at 35 °C, with 1–3% NaCl and over a pH range of 7–8. Analysis of the 16S rDNA sequence revealed a clear affiliation between strain SB2Band members of the gamma subclass of the class . High similarity values were found with certain members of the genus , especially with , and this was supported by cellular fatty acid profiles and phenotypic characterization. DNA-DNA hybridization between strain SB2Band its phylogenetically closest relatives revealed low similarity values (24.6–42.7%) which indicated species status for strain SB2B. That SB2Brepresents a distinct bacterial species within the genus is also supported by analysis. Considering the source of the isolate, the name sp. nov. is proposed and strain SB2B(= ATCC 700329) is designated as the type strain.


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