Two strains of sp., LTH 2460and LTH 2458, have been isolated from running red wine and cider vinegar fermentations, respectively. Taxonomic characteristics of the isolates were investigated. Comparative analysis of the 16S rRNA sequences revealed > 99% similarity between strain LTH 2460and the type strains of the related species and and between strain LTH 2458and . On the other hand, low levels of DNA relatedness (< 34%) were determined in DNA-DNA similarity studies. This relatedness below the species level was consistent with specific physiological characteristics permitting clear identification of these strains within established species of acetic acid bacteria. Based on these results, the names sp. nov. and sp. nov. are proposed for strains LTH 2460and LTH 2458, respectively. The phylogenetic positions of the new species are reflected by a 16S rRNA-based tree. Furthermore, a 16S rRNA-targeted oligonucleotide probe specific for A. oboediens was constructed.


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