An aerobic, polarly flagellated marine bacterium that produces a prodigiosinlike pigment was isolated from the red-spotted culture beds of Five isolates had unique bacteriolytic activity for both Gram-positive and -negative bacteria, which had never been observed among or related species. The isolates were identified as the causative agent of red spot disease of seeds. The phenotypic features of the isolates were similar to these of ATCC 29570, but they could be differentiated using 10 traits (growth at 37°C, requirement for organic growth factors, bacteriolytic activity, utilization of sucrose, -acetylglucosamine, fumarate, succinate, -galactose, -proline and acetate). The G+C content of DNAs from the isolates was 44–46 mol%. The isolates constitute a new species, distinct from the other and species, as shown by DNA-DNA hybridization experiments and phylogenetic clustering of 16S rRNA gene sequences, for which the name sp. nov. (type strain = IAM 14595) is proposed. A set of phenotypic features which differentiate this new species from closely related and species is provided.


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