Based on the sequence data of 23S rRNA of and , species-specific probes were constructed. Their application revealed a heterogeneity within 18 strains previously identified as Strains of this group were selected, and their 23S rRNA sequence was determined. It was revealed that the strains of can be placed in at least three sub-groups. This grouping was supported by physiological data and DNA-DNA similarity studies. Based on these results, we propose the new species sp. nov. The type strain is F-2 (= DSM 11674T). The phylogenetic position of the new species within the radiation of other staphylococcal strains is reflected by a 16S rRNA-based tree. Furthermore, it is proposed to designate the new subspecies of Schleifer and Fischer 1982, subsp. subsp. nov. The type strain of subsp. is SK 11(= DSM 11676).


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