Phylogenetic analyses of 165 rRNA gene sequences showed that the Gramnegative aromatic- and chloroaromatic-degrading sp. strain HV3 carrying the mega-plasmid pSKY4 belongs to the genus . The 165rRNA sequence is most related to strains ATCC 33790(98-5%) and SR3 (98.4%) and sp. SS86 (98.4%). The G+C content was 64 mol%, and the DNA-DNA-hybridization-based relative homology of strain HV3 to the ATCC 33790and RA2 was 59.6% and 35.9%, respectively. The results showed that although strain HV3 is related to it differs in certain characteristics. It is therefore proposed to reclassify sp. strain HV3 as sp. HV3.


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