The taxonomic relationships among nine strains of , which have been commonly used for genetic studies, were examined by sequence analysis of their ribosomal L11(= ) protein genes. Phylogenetic relationships among these organisms derived from similarity sequence an lysis of the genes were in good agreement with those derived from the analysis of the deduced L11 protein amino acid sequence itself, indicating complete sequence homology among A3(2), 66’ and JCM 4423. A3(2) related (in the order of closer relatedness) to ATCC 14888, IFO 13189, MA 406 A-1 and MAFF 6014. Sequence analysis of the 26 N-terminal amino acid residues of ribosomal L30 proteins also resulted in similar phylogenetic relationships, except that and were not differentiated from each other using this method. These findings concerning the phylogenetic relationship therefore confirm the previous conclusion that A3(2), 66’ and should be recognized as a single taxon at the species level.


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