Two groups of strains isolated from biofilters for the treatment of waste gases were assigned to the genus by phylogenetic and chemotaxonomic methods. All type strains of the genus were compared with these groups using 16S rDNA sequence analysis, fatty acid patterns and physiological reaction profiles. For both groups, the nearest related reference species was based on 16S rDNA sequence similarity. However, whereas one group of isolates was identified as a member of this species by fatty acid analysis and DNA-DNA hybridization, the other group was proposed as a new species, sp. nov. Fatty acid analysis showed the unusual fatty acid 20:113 instead of 19:0 cyclo11–12 for and , and 14:17 instead of 12:15 for and By means of a GC-MS method, diaminopimelic acid was detected for Based on these results we propose an emended description for the species


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