The nucleotide sequence of the 16S rRNA genes of four rare human mycoplasma species, and , were partially sequenced and compared to published rRNA genes of mycoplasmas to determine their position in the phylogenetic tree. Nucleotide sequence motif and overall similarities allowed positioning of these mycoplasmas in the hominis phylogenetic group, as defined by Weisburg [Weisburg, W. G., Tully, J. G., Rose, D. L. & 9 other authors (1989). 171, 6455--6467]. Furthermore, these mycoplasmas could be clustered into two different subdivisions of the hominis group: (i) and were found to be included in the subdivision, and (ii) and were included in the one. Variable regions of the 16S rRNA genes were used to determine specific PCR primers to detect and identify .

Keyword(s): 16S rRNA and mycoplasmas

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