Data from chemotaxonomic and 16S ribosomal DNA sequence analyses of an isolate obtained from the sputum of a kidney transplant patient identified the isolate as a member of the genus . DNA-DNA hybridization data, as well as physiological characteristics, indicated that the isolate represents a new species of the genus , designated ; the type strain is strain IMMIB D-1215 (= DSM 44143). In addition, DNA-DNA hybridization data, as well as the results of biochemical tests, indicated that DSM 40465, DSM 43884, and DSM 43111 represent a single species designated . We also found that subsp. DSM 4337 and subsp. DSM 43845 are genetically different and therefore propose that subsp. be elevated to species status as comb. nov., whose type strain is strain DSM 43845.


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