During a study of the prevalence and distribution of gastric helicobacters in domestic pets, a novel group of -like organisms were identified. These “ group 2 strains were initially distinguished from the species and by their cellular morphology and the type of motility exhibited. Bacterial cells were only slightly spiral, 5 to 7 μm long, and 0.8 to 1.2 μm wide and showed an unusual slow wavelike motion. Each cell had tufts of sheathed flagella at one or both ends. Phylogenetic analysis by 16S ribosomal DNA sequence comparison revealed that ” 2, and the new group of helicobacters formed a distinct cluster with intraspecies similarity values of more than 98%. These taxa were clearly separated from all other known species. Dot blot DNA-DNA hybridization studies indicated that the group 2 strains are genetically homogeneous and distinct from other canine and feline gastric helicobacters. Quantitative DNA-DNA hybridization experiments showed that group 2 strains exhibit >;90% DNA homology to each other, but <39% homology to the phylogenetically related taxa and . We propose the name for the novel group 2 strains. The type strain is Inkinen (= CCUG 37845).


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