Strains of sp. nov. were isolated from the hot spring and runoff at Agnano, Naples, Italy, and from the hot spring at Säo Pedro do Sul in central Portugal, while strains of sp. nov. were isolated from the hot springs at Säo Pedro do Sul, Säo Gemil, and Alcafache in central Portugal. The strains of and produce orange-pigmented colonies and have an optimum growth temperature of about 45 to 50°C. The type strains of the two new species are extremely gamma radiation resistant. The fatty acids of these new species are primarily branched-chain fatty acids. The two new species can be distinguished from each other by the lower pH range of than of , by their fatty acid compositions, and by several biochemical parameters, including the ability of to grow in minimal medium without yeast extract. 16S rRNA gene sequencing also showed that the isolates constitute two species and that these species are distinct from the other species of the genus The type strain of is AG-3a (= DSM 11300), and the type strain of is ALT-1b (= DSM 11303).


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