A phenotypic study has been carried out on six moderately halophilic gram-positive nonmotile cocci isolated from ponds of a saltern located in Huelva, Spain. These strains were examined for 150 morphological, physiological, biochemical, and nutritional traits and showed phenotypic characteristics similar to those of (formerly ). The guanine-plus-cytosine (G+C) content of their DNA ranged between 70 and 72 mol%, values quite similar to those described for (71.5 mol%). The 16S rDNA sequence analysis of one representative isolate showed that it is phylogenetically quite close to , within the high-G+C-content gram-positive branch. DNA-DNA hybridization experiments showed a high degree of homology (72 to 100%) among the six isolates and the type strain ATCC 21727. All data demonstrate quite clearly that the six isolates are members of the species . Since this species was described on the basis of a single strain isolated from unrefined solar salt, and its description is not complete (especially in the utilization of different compounds), our study contributes to a better description of the moderate halophile .


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