Our phylogenetic analysis based on 16S ribosomal DNA (rDNA) sequences and chemotaxonomic analyses showed that ATCC 13260, ATCC 19565, and ATCC 19566 are more closely related to the genus , especially , than to the genus ATCC 13260 and ATCC 19565 and ATCC 19566 exhibited levels of 16S rDNA similarity of 99.4 and 100%, respectively, to DSM 43066. Strains ATCC 13260, ATCC 19565, and ATCC 19566 had acid in their peptidoglycan and MK-8(H) as their predominant menaquinone. These three strains produced cellular fatty acid patterns similar to those of strains rather than those of species. Therefore, ATCC 13260, ATCC 19565, and ATCC 19566 should be reclassified as strains of Gray and Thornton 1928.


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