Strain NRRL 12292, which produces the bleomycin-like antibiotics LL-BO1208α and LL-BO1208β forms umbels consisting of chains of smooth-surface ovoid spores that are borne on verticils on the aerial mycelia, indicating that it is a member of the verticillate group of the genus formerly classified in the genus . This strain was compared morphologically and physiologically to 54 other verticillate strains. The levels of DNA relatedness between strain NRRL 12292and 34 other verticillate strains, including strains representing at least 19 genetic species clusters, were also determined. Strain NRRL 12292is morphologically and physiologically distinct from the other verticillate strains studied, particularly because of the straw yellow color of its aerial mycelia and spore mass. DNA hybridization data support the uniqueness of this strain, since the levels of DNA relatedness between NRRL 12292and the other verticillate strains used in this study were low. Our data support designation of a new species, , whose type strain is NRRL 12292.


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