sp. nov. is proposed based on the characteristics of six moderately halophilic, gram-positive, rod-shaped strains isolated from salterns and hypersaline soils located in different geographical areas of Spain. These strains were motile, formed endospores, were strictly aerobic, were catalase and oxidase positive, and contained peptidoglycan of the -diaminopimelic acid type in their vegetative cell walls. The DNA base compositions of these strains ranged from 36.3 to 39.5 mol%, and these organisms constitute a homology group with levels of DNA-DNA homology ranging from 73 to 100%. The 16S rRNA sequence of strain C-20Mo, which was used as the representative strain of these isolates, groups with the 16S rRNA sequences of members of the genus , and the highest level of similarity is 95.4%. The type strain is strain C-20Mo (= ATCC 700290 = DSM 11483 = CCM 4646).


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