Actinomycete strain YU127-1 (T = type strain), which produces zoospores, was isolated from a soil sample. The aerial mycelium of this organism at maturity forms short chains of spores. The hyphae form coils, and sporangia are not observed. Strain YU127-1 contains glutamic acid, glucosamine, glycine, alanine, and -diaminopimelic acid in its cell wall (wall chemotype II), 3--methylmannose, mannose, xylose, and glucose as whole-cell sugars, menaquinone 10(H), and glycolyl cell wall polysaccharides and has a guanine-plus-cytosine content of 69.0 mol%. Mycolic acids are absent. Phosphatidylinositol and phosphatidylethanolamine are diagnostic phospholipids. The chemotaxonomic data, except for the lack of arabinose in the whole-cell sugars, indicate that this strain belongs to the family . The morphological and physiological characteristics and chemotaxonomic and phylogenetic data for this strain differ from those of the previously described actinomycetes. We therefore propose a new genus, , for this organism; the type species of the genus is sp. nov., and the type strain of is strain YU127-1 (= IFO 15828).


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