Six strains isolated from the intestines of juvenile turbot in a fish hatchery in the north of Spain were found to be phenotypically members of the genus . However, the phenotypic traits of these organisms did not place them in any of the currently known species. These isolates formed an homogeneous group in which the DNA-DNA similarity values (the differences between the thermal denaturation midpoints of the homologous and heterologous duplexes) with reference strain A089 (T = type strain) ranged from 0 to 1.7°C. The results of a 16S rRNA sequence analysis of A089 placed this strain in the genus in the gamma subclass of the . The closest relative is , with a sequence similarity of 97.8%. This group of strains can be easily differentiated from the other species by their clear phenotype. We propose the name sp. nov. for these strains; the type strain is strain A089 (= CECT 4638).


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