A new alkaliphilic, sulfate-reducing bacterium, strain Z-7935 (T = type strain), was isolated from a soda-depositing lake, Lake Magadi in Kenya. This organism is a motile vibrio which utilizes only hydrogen and formate as electron donors and sulfate, sulfite, and thiosulfate, but not sulfur, as electron acceptors. Thiosulfate is dismutated. Strain Z-7935 is an obligately sodium-dependent alkaliphile which grows in sodium carbonate medium and does not grow at pH 7; the maximum pH for growth is more than pH 10, and the optimum pH is 9.5 to 9.7. The optimum NaCl concentration for growth is 3% (wt/vol). The optimum temperature for growth is 37°C. The G+C content of the DNA is 48.6 mol%. 16S ribosomal DNA sequence analysis revealed that strain Z-7935 represents a new lineage with genus status in the delta subclass of the The name gen. nov., sp. nov. is proposed for this organism; the type strain of is strain Z-7935 (= DSM 9292).


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