We determined almost complete 16S rRNA gene sequences of two (Lechevalier 1965) strains, ATCC 19993 (T = type strain) and JCM 3082. The two sequences were 99% similar to each other but exhibited only 81 to 87.8% similarity with the 16S rRNA gene sequences of seven other strains. A phylogenetic analysis revealed that the two sequences clustered not only distantly from other strains, but also outside the cluster containing members of the family . On the basis of the results of our phylogenetic analysis and the results of a comprehensive review of the genus by Miyadoh et al. (S. Miyadoh, S. Amano, H. Tohyama, and T. Shomura, J. Gen. Microbiol. 136:1905-1913, 1990) in which chemotaxonomic and DNA-DNA hybridization analyses were performed, we propose that should be transferred to a new genus, gen. nov., as comb. nov.


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