Almost complete (>96%) 16S rRNA sequences from nine ruminant mycoplasmas have been determined by solid-phase DNA sequencing. Polymorphisms were found in four of the 16S rRNA sequences, which indicated the existence of two different rRNA operons. Seven polymorphisms were found in , three were found in , one was found in , and one was found in . The sequence data were used for construction of phylogenetic trees. All but one of the ruminant mycoplasmas sequenced in this work clustered in the hominis group. A close relationship was found between and , with a 99% nucleotide similarity between their 16S rRNA sequences. They were also found to be members of the cluster of the hominis group. Furthermore, the 16S rRNA comparisons showed that and are closely related (>98.5%), and these species were found to cluster in the cluster of the hominis group. Interestingly, grouped in a new phylogenetic cluster of the hominis group. The new cluster, which was supported by bootstrap percentage values, signature nucleotide analysis, and higher-order structural elements, was named the cluster. , and clustered in the cluster of the hominis group. clustered with in the cluster of the pneumoniae group.


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