The glycolate-oxidizing, sulfate-reducing bacterium strain PerGlyS and the syntrophically glycolate-oxidizing bacterium strain FIGIyR were studied with respect to their phylogenetic relationships on the basis of in vitro amplification and direct sequencing of 16S rRNA-encoding DNA. Strain PerGlyS clustered with representatives of the δ subclass of the class , close to but sufficiently distinct to preclude its assignment to this genus. These organisms, together with , represent a phylogenetic subgroup among members of the δ subclass of . Strain FIGIyR was found to cluster with the gram-positive bacteria with low-G+C DNA, and and are its closest relatives. Other species of the genus are phyloge-netically only moderately closely related to these organisms. These results necessitate the establishment of new genera and species for these two strains. Strain PerGlyS was designated the type strain of gen. nov., sp. nov., and strain FIGIyR was designated the type strain of gen. nov., sp. nov.


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