A database of the fatty acid profiles of the genus containing the profiles of more than 1,200 authentic xanthomonad strains (P. Yang, L. Vauterin, M. Vancanneyt, J. Swings, and K. Kersters, Syst. Appl. Microbiol. 16:47–71, 1993) was reevaluated to provide data for descriptions and rapid identification of new species. A total of 1,061 strains in the fatty acid database were grouped into the new species described in the classification of Vauterin et al. (L. Vauterin, B. Hoste, K. Kersters, and J. Swings, Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 45:472–489, 1995), and the average fatty acid profiles of the species were determined to obtain a representative fatty acid profile for each species. Within each species, the relative variation in each fatty acid was calculated to determine the potential of fatty acid data for discriminating between species. The fatty acid content of each species and the relative variation in each fatty acid provide additional data for species descriptions. With the exception of in particular and , and to lesser extents, most species produce characteristic fatty acid profiles that can be used to differentiate them from other species.


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