Analysis of the genomic DNAs of chlamydial isolates from sheep, cattle, and pigs was performed by Southern blot hybridization and by restriction endonuclease (RE) profiling of DNA amplified by PCR. The hybridization probes were derived from whole genomic DNA, the major outer membrane protein (MOMP) gene, the 16S rRNA gene, and an avian isolate plasmid. The PCR analysis used targets in the MOMP gene, the 16S rRNA gene, and the 60-kDa cysteine-rich protein gene. Together, the results showed that although there was considerable heterogeneity in the DNA sequence in the MOMP gene region, all the isolates had the same underlying total genomic RE profiles and yielded identical RE profiles for the rRNA and 60-kDa-protein gene regions. Most of the isolates were found to hybridize with the plasmid probe. Comparison of the MOMP sequence of one of the isolates (P787) with that of a known strain together with the results of the RE analyses allowed the conclusion that the isolates should all be classified within this new species.


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