The taxonomic position of “ was studied by 16S rRNA gene sequencing and chemotaxonomic methods. This organism is a gram-negative, strictly aerobic rod and has a DNA guanine-plus-cytosine content of 61.4 mol%: the major isoprenoid quinone is ubiquinone 10, and the unusual cellular fatty acids 3-hydroxytetracosenoic acid (3-OH 24:1) and 3-hydroxyhexacosenoic acid (3-OH 26:1) are the major 3-hydroxy cellular fatty acids. A phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA sequences revealed that “ IFO 13584 (T = type strain) occupies an independent position in the α subclass of the On the basis of our data, we propose that “ IFO 13584 should be transferred to the genus gen. nov. as sp. nov., nom. rev.


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