On the basis of DNA-DNA hybridization data and a dendrogram based on quantitative fatty acid data, we suggested previously (A. Yokota, T. Tamura, T. Hasegawa, and L. H. Huang, Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 43:805–812, 1993) that 13 strains belonging to the genus could be divided into six groups, including one group represented by N381–16 (T = type strain). The results of a subsequent study of phenotypic characteristics supported this division. In this paper we propose the following five new species for the remaining 12 strains: for strain N406–14 (= IFO 14177); for strains RA327, RA328 (= IFO 15575), and RA329; for strains RA330, RA331, and RA332 (= IFO 15579); for strains RA336, RA337, RA338, and RA344 (= IFO 15584); and for strain RA343 (= IFO 15583).


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