Phylogenetic evidence derived from a 16S ribosomal DNA analysis indicated that the type strain of , DSM 20550 (= ATCC 966 = CCM 2390), is less closely related to the type species of the genus , than to the type species of the genus , and related species. The phylogenetic position of is supported by the presence of peptidoglycan variation A3α and by the presence of MK-9(H) as the major isoprenolog, a characteristic also found in strains of , and . The last six species and are characterized by the presence of threonine in the interpeptide bridge of the peptidoglycan. Threonine has not been found in the peptidogiycans of other species or in members of the genus Despite the fact that a morphological life cycle is not known, these data support the proposal that should be transferred to the genus as comb. nov.


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