We performed this study to determine the 16S rRNA sequences of the type strains of and and to calculate the phylogenetic distances between these two nutritionally variant streptococci (NVS) and other members of the genus and belonged to one cluster, but this cluster was not closely related to other streptococcal species. A comparative analysis of the sequences of these organisms and other low-G+C-content gram-positive bacteria revealed that the two NVS species formed a distinct cluster and were only remotely related to the and clusters. The highest level of homology (93.7%) was found between and species have -diaminopimelic acid in their cell walls, but and have L-lysine as the diamino acid at position 3 in their peptidoglycan tetrapeptides. On the basis of our findings and the results of previous phenotypic studies, we propose that the NVS species should be placed in a new genus, the genus , as comb. nov. and comb. nov.


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