Small-subunit ribosomal DNA sequences were determined for 17 strains belonging to the genera , and , and these sequences were analyzed by phylogenetic methods. The resulting data confirmed the existence of the genera and , but suggested that the genus should be split into two genera. We propose that a new genus, the genus , should be created to accommodate 11 species that were previously species, including comb. nov., comb. nov., comb. nov., comb. nov., comb. nov., comb. nov., comb. nov. (with two subspecies, subsp. comb. nov. and subsp. comb. nov.), comb. nov., comb. nov., comb. nov., and comb. nov., and one species that previously was placed in the genus comb. nov. We propose that (type strain, ATCC 14393) should be the type species of the genus . At this time the emended genus is restricted to a single species, .


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