Recently, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention coryneform group ANF-1 bacteria were described as , and group ANF-1-like bacteria were described as . Over a 1.5-year period 10 strains of a previously undescribed, gram-positive, rod-shaped organism that was not partially acid fast and resembled ANF-1-like bacteria were isolated from different pediatric patients with ear infections. These previously undescribed coryneform bacteria exhibited a distinct colony morphology and consistency, had a carbon source utilization pattern distinct from the carbon source utilization patterns of and , had a cell wall based on -diaminopimelic acid, contained mycolic acids, and had DNA G+C contents of 68 to 74 mol%. A 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis revealed that these clinical isolates are members of the genus and that they are distinct from and . On the basis of phenotypic and phylogenetic evidence we propose a new species, , for these Centers for Disease Control and Prevention coryneform group ANF-1-like bacteria. The type strain is strain DSM 44122 (CCUG 33426).


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