The phylogenetic positions of the moderately halophilic bacteria , and were determined by PCR amplification of rRNA genes and direct sequencing. The resulting data were compared with data for other bacteria obtained from 16S rRNA sequence databases. , and clustered phylogenetically within the gamma subclass of the and are closely related to other species on the branch. belongs in the family and has the characteristic 16S rRNA signatures defined for this family, including the distinctive cytosine residue at position 486 found in all members of the is closely related to the type species of the genus , and we formally propose that should be transferred to the genus as comb. nov. The type strain of this species is strain F9-6 (= ATCC 49336). is not as closely related to other species belonging to the complex, but is more closely related to than to , the type species of the genus . A polyphasic approach will be necessary to determine the natural taxonomic positions of the species belonging to the genera and , as well as , and .


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