The taxonomic position of sp. strain DSM 44015, isolated from the packing material of a biofilter used for biological odor abatement of animal rendering emissions, has been clarified by a polyphasic study comprising chemotaxonomic, sequencing, and phenotypic results. The strain possesses a wall chemotype IV, MK-9 (H), as the predominant menaquinone; relatively long-chain mycolic acids (54 to 62 carbon atoms); and straight-chain, saturated, and monounsaturated fatty acids with considerable amounts of tuberculostearic acid. The polar lipids include phosphatidylethanolamine, and the G+C content of the DNA is 69 mol%. Similarity values for genes encoding 16S rRNA indicate that sp. strain DSM 44015 represents a new species within the genus for which the name is proposed.


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