The genomic relatedness among three strains, including the type strain, and other type and reference strains that were assigned to DNA hybridization groups was estimated by DNA-DNA hybridization (competition procedure using a membrane method). All strains were highly related (70 to 100%) to strains 289(= CECT 4199) and ATCC 35942. Type strains of other validated species, reference strains of DNA groups 8 and 11, and the sp. strain ATCC 43946 (enteric group 501) were 0 to 41% related to 289and ATCC 35942. The G+Cs content of strains were in the range 55.9 to 57.3 mol%. The G+C content of the type strain of this species was 56.9 mol%, a value somewhat lower than that reported in the original description.


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